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Welcome to Country Womens Association of India

We are passing through a peculiar circumstance, a pandemic which has taken so many valuable lives and is still raging. Some have lost their dear and near ones, some have recovered from this severe disease which was unknown to all of us in the past.

I thank all my friends who under the grave circumstances are carrying on the noble work to help the affected persons of Covid 19 and other natural disasters which raged for more than one year in the past.

Let us try hard to achieve the goal which Late Arotidi, our beloved Founder President CWAI had laid down for us and to serve the suffering humanity. May God bless us for a better tomorrow.

Late Aroti Dutt

Founder President of CWAI

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Membership: Any person over 18 yrs of age irrespective of any caste,creed or religion and of sound mind and who agrees to work for this cause can be a member.There shall be only one time fee of Life Membership of Rs 1500/-(one thousand and five hundred )

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Tailoring exam on 3rd.of January 2023 at Masjidpara Schòol, West Bengal.


Mental health Awareness seminar